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SellPhoneShop is a Canadian refurbished phone distributor with over 15 years of retail wireless industry experience.  SellPhoneShop.ca is a custom designed WordPress solution with e-commerce and online shopping cart that allows consumers to browse, buy, and recieve refurbished wireless phones and devices from a reliable source.  Why purchase a “used” phone from unreliable sources when you can purchase a completely refurbished phone, backed with a guarantee for the same price from sellphoneshop?


Contributed Skills & Expertise

Creative Design

  • Branding
  • Visual Brand Identity

Professional Services

  • Solution Design & Management
  • Reporting & Analytics

Website Design & Development

  • Website / UI Design
  • WordPress Website Development
  • eCommerce / Online Shopping Cart
  • Digital Media & Plugin Integration

Managed Services (Digital Platform Management)

  • Website Management
  • Content Management (Creative Only)