TD MoneyTalk Go

Client: TD Wealth Media
Project Launch Date: October 2016

Custom Solution Design & Theme Development – TD MoneyTalk Multimedia Content Management & Syndication Portal

Completely reimagined solution – rebranded,  redesigned, and retrofit with DTS Theme Fusion; our newly adopted WordPress custom theme framework.

A few highlights from under the hood:

  • Unified solution no longer requires the TD Video Portal, the legacy solution originally built on the (now retired) DT-CMS platform
  • Now capable of managing and playing back media from multiple popular content delivery networks, and built to easily adapt to integrate virtually any media delivery network
  • Multimedia support expanded to support multiple forms of media publishing capabilities beyond video, currently showcased by the newly published MoneyTalk Life editorial blog expanded
  • Expanded syndication capabilities to more easily create and integrate new destinations as needed, with a complete module redesign (launching in Q1-Q2 2017) which will allow for (and include) many new capabilities and features.

With much, much more (and more on the way).  Have a look and let us know what you think:  MoneyTalk Investing    MoneyTalk Life