Premier Aid Services

We are pleased to announce the launch of, a website for Premier Aid Services, an exciting start-up that simultaneously targets both the Greater Toronto and Greater Montreal areas!

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Premier Aid Services is a concierge service, based simultaneously in Toronto and Montreal, tailored for the growing needs of the baby boomer generation.  With our help they developed a brand identity which we then leveraged for both print and digital creative.


The over-all objective for the web design was to create an informational piece with information that was stylish, intuitive and accessible for their desired clientele.  This solution was achieved by customizing a design and adapting it to the WordPress platform to allow the team at Premier Aid a simple and straight forward means of managing their web properties.

The founders of Premier Aid were so impressed with the finished product that in addition to the branding and web design, our creative design team was tapped to produce bi-lingual print creative and in the near future our web dev team will be expanding the Premier Aid Services site to also include a full functional French component!