Blogging to Increase Web Traffic

Corporate Blogging Decoded | Simple Steps to Increase Site Traffic

In today’s socially connected environment there is no doubt that blogging is an important part of the marketing process. Any social media expert, or even a quick Google search, will tell you that companies with blogs experience higher traffic than those without. These statistics are a great motivator for most organizations looking to keep up to date, however; the task of creating a corporate blog can seem daunting and often discouraging.

Don’t give up! The following tips will help you navigate through corporate blogging with ease to ensure you earn the most value with every post.

Step #1. Pick a Relevant Topic

When selecting your topic think of relevant ideas that will be useful and interesting for your reader. The point of a blog is to inform your consumers about your product or service without regurgitating an advertisement. Try and teach your reader something, and in doing so, incorporate your product into the solution.

Step #2. Write Easily Digestible Content

Start with a good title: This is the first thing your reader will see and is a major factor in their decision to keep reading. Keep it simple, to the point, and include any keywords you are focusing on.

Write in easily digested sections: Blog readers find large sections of undivided text overwhelming. Try and keep your blog around 400 words, and no matter what your length, divide your post into smaller, easier to handle paragraphs. This not only makes your blog more visually appealing, but your customers will feel more comfortable reading your post.

Step #3. Link to Your Sources

Now that your content has been written and divided into easily digestible chunks it is time to link to any sources or resources.  This will provide your readers with context for the article as well as additional resources if they wish  to pursue in greater detail.  Whenever possible you should link to sources within your own blog or website.

Step #4. Lay Out your Content in a Simple Design

The last step in creating a blog post is making it attractive to your consumers and even more reader friendly. Pick a picture that compliments your topic, bold important words or phrases so they stand out, and link to product sites wherever appropriate.

To Summarize

Blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your site and by following these steps the process can be simple and worry-free! Just remember to select interesting topics, use informative and easy to read content, and polish it off with a creative design to make your blog stand out.