Free Online Resizing Tool!

With the evolution of the internet and content management systems (CMS) becoming the standard, there has been a dramatic rise in “DIY” web maintenance.

While these popular management systems give the users a lot of power to create, edit, and manage content there were still some limitations as to what can be accomplished without a creative software suite and at least some rudimentary design knowledge.

One of the most common requests we recieve from our clients that choose to manage their own site has to do with image editing, specifically resizing images.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need Adobe Photoshop in order to precisely resize an image.  There are a number of picture resizers currently on-line which are free to use.

Pic Resizer:

The #1 benefit of this resizer is that there is absolutely no software to download.  For marketing managers and others with strict IT policies especially appreciate this as often they need an administrator and permission to install any software.

It allows for single, or batch processing as well as enables you to measure by pixels.  This enables an accurate cut, which helps create a sharper web design.

I have linked a nifty tutorial video below:

If you still have some questions about image resizing, or perhaps another question regarding image editing, or any other creative design or web development questions please ask us!

Until then, keep it toasty.